The benefits of DIY Alarm Installations


Thousands of South Africans are turning to DIY alarm installations in a bid to secure their homes while not having to incur the high costs associated with signing a contract with a security company. While these costs are in no way exorbitant, they can add up to a couple of thousand Rand every year - roughly the same as what it would cost you to make payments on a satellite television service. Below we'll explore some of the benefits associated with DIY alarms.

Save money

Not interested in paying exorbitant amounts of money to have a technician come in and install something that you can install on your on? Then a DIY alarm installation is for you. You'll simply need to pay for your keypad, motion sensors, door and door sensors as well as any of the tools and equipment you may need in order to successfully install your system.

DIY alarm installations are ideal if you're renting or looking to move out in a year or two

DIY alarm systems are usually completely portable and can be taken down as easily as they are installed. This is especially useful if you're renting a property or you're going to be moving out in the foreseeable future. Simply uninstall your system, pack it away and install it again in your new property. There's no need to spend unnecessary money on an expensive system that needs to be installed by a technician when you can simply do it yourself.

Your system can alert you of any activity telephonically

There a number of DIY alarm installations that can alert you of any activity at your home via your cell phone. In fact, most systems that offer this feature allow you to link several numbers to the alarm system - affording you the opportunity to act quickly in the event of break-in while you're away from home.

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