Why easy to use alarms are so important

Easy to use alarms

Easy to use alarms are an incredibly important part of any defence system. By investing in a simple, effective and practical alarm system, you’re ensuring that you always know exactly what’s going on at your property – whether you’re at home or away. In the following piece we’ll take a closer look at why you need to invest in a sound, uncomplicated alarm system for your residential property.

Deterring any would-be intruders

The best way to defend your home against intruders is to deter them before they even set foot into your home. It takes accomplished criminals as little as a minute to break into the average home. This gives you very little time to react in the event of a break-in. An easy to use alarm system will sound as soon as someone enters your home frightening off most criminals.

An alarm system is best used in conjunction with other security measures such as enlisting the services of an armed response company, sound perimeter security as well as outside beams.

Peace of mind

The sad reality of life in South Africa means that homeowners need to take measures to ensure that their properties and families are safe. An easy to use alarm system can give you the peace of mind knowing that both you and your armed response company will immediately know when someone illegally enters your home, affording you the necessary peace of mind in order to sleep soundly at night.

Easy to use alarms significantly lower the payments on your insurance

Insurance companies absolutely love it when homeowners take the necessary security measures to ensure the safety of their belongings. In fact, they enjoy it so much that they’ll often offer you lower premiums on your home insurance payments, because your risk profile as a client is lowered. You’ll obviously still need to shop around for the best deal in terms of your insurance

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