Investing in quality electric gate motors for an extra layer of personal security

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It’s no secret that crime is ever-prevalent in South Africa, which is why you should consider utilising gate motors, alarm systems and other forms of defence to keep yourself safe. However, security systems such as these can be costly at times, which is why we would like to help you consider the true benefits of these extra layers in keeping yourself secure - with a particular focus on electric motors.

Reducing the risk factor at your front gate

It may be common knowledge by now, but one of the riskiest times of being in your vehicle, is at your front gate. Criminals utilise the time that you take to get out of the vehicle and open the gate to sneak up from behind and mug or hijack you at gunpoint. With gate motors, however, you can conveniently enter and exit your home without having to worry about this. Furthermore, electric gates are substantially harder to break into or remove, since they are designed with special guard rails and brackets to hold them in place.

Keeping your beloved family members safe with gate motors

Another stress that certainly affects many parents in South Africa, is the concern for children or animals straying out of the property. This is unfortunately too easy with a typical hinge gate, which is why investing in quality electric motors is even more of an intelligent avenue. With a motor, you can have complete control over who enters as well as who exits the property.

This means that your kids can’t simply run into the road or around your neighbourhood without your permission. This not only helps you have more control over your children’s safety, but also keeps you informed of their whereabouts since they can’t leave or enter without you.

So make the smart move today and invest in quality electric gate motors. Despite the initial cost of these you can rest assured that this is an investment in your safety - and being high quality you won’t have to repair it every few months either. For more details about how you can take control of your own safety, contact AA Alarms today. We are reputable professionals in the safety and security industry and look forward to assisting you soon.

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