Pet-Friendly Function and Outdoor Sensors

Security Beams

Many people own both small pets and alarm systems, which is why we quite frequently get asked - “how does the pet-friendly function work?” and “is it is actually effective?” Alarm systems are quite advanced today, and have come a long way since their invention. They can now include, for instance, different technology and configurations for indoor and outdoor sensor systems. They are also cleverly designed to measure various variables before tripping the alarm. Hence, they have become more ‘intelligent’ so to say.

The Basics

Pet-friendly indoor and outdoor sensors utilise PIR – Passive Infrared – beams that can detect movement, size and even temperature changes within the immediate area. With the ability to measure the size and temperature the alarm can quite easily determine whether the moving object is large enough to be a person, or if it is creating a sudden temperature change in the room. This is a huge improvement on the old motion sensors since it now has more than just one feature – to detect intrusion – and can be much more effective in detecting legitimate breaches, by filtering out “false alarms”.

Fine-Tuning Indoor and Outdoor Sensors

We have heard of many unsatisfied customers who have had the pet-friendly function installed, but still receive false alarms when their pets jump onto a couch or climb the stairs. This is more often than not due to incorrectly configured sensor settings, which can very easily be rectified. The alarm company that installs your indoor and outdoor sensors will be able to fine-tune these settings for your specific home. It’s important to test and urgently communicate any discrepancies to your service provider for immediate rectification.

False alarms can be dangerous when they happen too often since the home-owner may not be able to tell when a break-in is actually in progress. Furthermore, it creates a disturbance to you and your neighbours, unnecessarily affection your sleep patterns, and causing further disturbance every time your pet needs to go outside! So, it’s always best to ensure your indoor and outdoor sensors are properly customised and configured.

The benefits of electronic security outweigh any factors, such as the time and money needed to invest in a good system. Such an investment offers great value for money and an excellent ROI as it not only protects you and your possessions, but also gives you complete peace of mind. Visit us at for more information on the most reliable alarm systems, including outdoor sensors.

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