Reputable Alarm Installation for Optimal Safety

Security Beams

Keeping your family safe should always be your number one priority, but criminals are learning new ‘tricks’ every day to invade people’s homes when they least expect it! It’s no wonder more people recently have been investing time and energy enlisting experts for reliable alarm installation . These can also include extra defence measures, like security beams and gate motors to even further reduce the risk of unexpected attacks, break-ins and associated criminal activities.

Security Beams

Although alarm installation will alert you of intruders when they trespass, these systems become even more effective when combined with security beams. These devices will be strategically installed around the premises and can include perimeter sections as well. These will not only function once the intruder enters your home, but will notify you and your armed response agents that there has been a breach even before they get inside. The beams work by installing two sensors that are connected by a beam of light. When this beam of light is broken and stops being received by either sensor, the alarm is triggered.

You can also enquire with your service provider on advanced versions of these during your alarm installation. For instance, butterfly beams spread vertically so that intruders can’t crawl underneath them, or even pet friendly versions with “intelligent programming” are a possibility.

Controlled Access

Alarm systems are programmed during alarm installation, so that only a select few people can access, arm or disarm it. Your comprehensive security systems can be reinforced further with installations such as durable gate motors, and fingerprint access control units. Although this may sound expensive and unnecessary, including these extras into a single alarm installation package will greatly enhance the safety of you and your loved ones, or employees if it is a work premises. You are also likely to secure a better deal and also save time in the process. After your alarm installation is completed you can register fingerprints and allow very specific access to different areas of the house for each person. This not only provides ultimate convenience, but also ensures privacy and control over your home safety.

Alarm installation is becoming ever more popular and it’s quite easy to see why! When your family’s safety is your first priority there is no better choice than to seek professional alarm installation based on high quality products, reliable workmanship and service delivery. For comprehensive information on alarm installation , security beams, gate motors and general safety and security enquiries, contact AA Alarms. You can also visit us online at

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